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Antibes (Fort Carré)


Antibes (draw bridge)

Beautiful view


Beautiful view


Medieval Times

Just between the French and Italian Rivieras, we are lucky to be surrounded by over 50 medieval villages some dating back from the 12th century villages like St Paul or Gourdon. All are inhabited and offer something genuine about our past history and great fun to discover along with our guides who love to tell you some of the little secrets about the homes and families that lived there.

Medieval Theme dinner party

Numerous court jesters, dressed up in costumes will be staggered in the streets and restaurants (fire eaters, court jesters, fortune tellers, acrobats, jugglers, magicians and/or puppet players). Costumed crested extras holding torches stand in front of each restaurant and assure the welcome of the guests.

Strolling musicians in restaurants, also in medieval costumes. On the squares : orchestra and medieval dancers (typical instruments and choreography), artist shooting at human targets, animal trainers, sword fights (specialized stunt men ), etc. …

Medieval evening Themed dinner party

We are waiting for you at the Castle entrance to enjoy a banquet with us… In an ambience of rare architecture, gardens à la Française, you will be welcomed by trumpet-players wearing Middle-Ages clothing.

The candle lit path on the royal red carpet will bring you within the walls of the inner courtyard of the Castle.

Here, court-jesters such as jugglers, fire-eaters, acrobats on skates, performing dogs and magicians will entertain you as experienced during festive banquets in the medieval period. The close-up magician will surprise your guests with his tricks of micro-magic, cards, coins… during the meal, he will demonstrate his talent at each table.

Also wearing historical costumes, a mime will surprise your guests right at the entrance and will continue to amuse them during the meal… and for the rest of the evening, showing his miming talent with humor in different improvised scenes created on the spot and performed right next to your guests.

In the inner courtyards, a baroque orchestra with a clavichord will provide an original musical tune; musicians will also wear historical clothing. To create a surprise element during the evening, foul-play by experienced stuntmen may take place. An impromptu arrival of horsemen will also further plunge your guests into a total immersive medieval atmosphere.