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We have endless resources from DJ’s, 5 piece live bands with talented known singers for a real concert, strolling French trios, folkloric troops, brassy sounds to the 70-piece Foreign Legion Band plus Motivational speakers, theatre, opera and ballet.

VIP RIVIERA SERVICE “Entertainment for any event “Representing the Finest Bands, Orchestras and Entertainers. Local, Regional and National. Theme parties, Conventions, Speakers and Production Services. We constantly research new attractions. It is not possible to list them all, and although some of the prices below may seem excessive, please do not hesitate to tell us what you think your client is ready to spend, so we can negotiate the best solution on your behalf . We work with all musicians and artists on a direct basis only. Prices are subject to change due to supplier increases; additional fees are based on location and/or early set-up requirements.

Entertainment enhancements during cocktails or dinner tastings.

The idea: Vanilla aroma, a taste of truffle… This entertainment idea can take place during the aperitif or dinner and will deliver you the secrets of the art of tasting.

We propose a prestigious tasting of 5 wines with oenological challenges:
– presentation of the art of tasting wine
– “close up” around the dinner tables
– games: wine quiz, aroma game, black glasses…

Each table represents a team and each team will have to collect a maximum of points through the different games.

Diamond party (a brilliant idea for a sparkling evening) Theme party Animation based on diamonds and champagne.

Once upon a time… there was a very simple AND good concept that people couldn’t stop talking about.

Allow me to share with you what happened to me a while ago: We were invited to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our company.

Everyone was welcomed very nicely. All the guests were offered a glass of champagne. Very smart! But what was inside the glass?

“May I offer you a diamond” a hostess asked us warmly ?
– “I can’t say no to that!”
“Tonight there is a Diamond Party”, she explained. For this special occasion, your hosts give 10 real diamonds away. In each glass I put a diamond tonight. When you finish your glass, you can see one of our experts. Good luck!
– Wow. Thank you! We will drink carefully!

All guests had all of a sudden something in common to talk about. Because the bubbles around this diamond are different then the bubbles around the other diamond. All was set to become a marvellous evening.

Later that evening people tempted their chances with the Diamond Party Expert. He was seated in a fix spot in the room. With the white light he had to inspect the diamonds, you couldn’t miss him!

So one by one we went to see the expert(s). There was no hurry, because together with his fellow colleagues Diamond Party Experts, they stayed all night long to estimate the diamonds. So there was no reason to queue; however everyone wanted to know what was in their glass.

I think the expert was an actor. He didn’t take the guests out of their pain right away. He played a little with them, he obviously knew what he was doing!

I saw that some stones he put in a white envelope, others were put in a black envelope. Would the white ones have a bigger chance to win a diamond?

And what about the 10 boxes that were on his table?

Pretty soon it became clear that the people could take their (fake) diamonds with them in an envelope, black or white, as a brilliant souvenir.
And that 10 lucky birds got to go home with a box, with a real diamond inside!

There was a very casual atmosphere around the expert. A lot of the guests kept waiting around the table to hear what he would say now to another victim who came to estimate his or her diamond. Sometimes he was good, other times he fooled them. But what questioned the guests the most: who will go home with one of the 10 real diamonds??

Then it was my turn. It turned out I got to home with a black envelope. I didn’t have any luck tonight, at least not with diamonds. As the expert ensured me that I must be lucky in love. And to let me go home with an ever bigger smile, I even got a real diamond offered, in chocolate! Mmmmmm.. Delicious! Goes perfectly with the taste of champagne!

With a big smile, I continued the party.

When I opened my purse the next day, I had to laugh out loud again. I saw the envelope with the false diamond in it and had to think about the expert who fooled me last night! I remember the perfect party for a long time to come!

Do you want to offer your guests a similar brilliant experience? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us!

As there are a lot of different combinations possible between quantity and size of the diamonds, and the number of participants, this short overview is just an indication.

Minimum guaranty 50.