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Upon your written authority, VIP Riviera Service will reserve and settle the restaurant bills (signed by an authorized person on the spot) and will place it on the master account. A Service charge of 15% for VIP Riviera Service will be added for this administration. We know it is very difficult for Americans to understand that you cannot have a choice of entrees in these deluxe restaurants. We have the same problem each time we have a group in one of these establishments. We will try to explain.

Food is a religion in France & Monaco and this is why we have not many restaurants with music because you go to a restaurant for food particularly a top one and you cannot be disturbed by music !! We know it sounds crazy but … Also for example when you choose a dish, the wine man will tell you which wine goes with the food you have selected because if you choose any type of wine, it might not go with the food and will spoil the taste of the dish which has been prepared with delicacy and you have to do that with each course. So you can imagine the time it is going to take to have the right wine with the right course for each person. The kitchen has to follow with the different orders afterwards.

In the French provinces some deluxe restaurants have a gastronomic menu with their different specialties but in Monaco very few and they will not accept it for a group. What we can sometimes do, is reserve for a small group, different tables: for example we request at a deluxe restaurant 4 tables of 4, l table of 6 in the restaurant main dining room and there they can eat “a la carte” and we charge a handling fee of l5 % on the total amount of the bill. By doing the reservations that way, the restaurant assumes that the clients are not going to arrive at the same time and therefore each table will be attended by a different maitre d hotel permitting the kitchens to follow with the orders. Even if we bring them all at the same time by coach, we have never had any problems with the restaurants. The only opportunity is that it may be more expensive as if the clients choose a very expensive wine, the bill might be high. All the top restaurants do not accept a group eating “a la carte” in a private room.

Now as we mentioned before, if you have a set menu for example like at the Chateau de la Chevre d’Or where duck is the specialty there is no problem to propose something else to a client who does not like duck but this is only possible to change on the spot. The only thing is that they will still charge the number of menus we ordered and charge us a supplement for the entree ordered on the spot. What we can do is ask the restaurants to make a 4 course or 5 course dinner including an appetizer, a fish dish, a meat dish, so that people who do not like the meat can have the fish, cheese (if you wish), dessert, wine and coffee; of the courses a 4 course or 5 course is going to be much more expensive.

Naturally we will work with you and offer our best solutions for the opportunities that surface with group dining. Taking over a lovely private venue with our own catering is always best for larger groups.

Let me know what you wish us to do.

Fille du Pecheur Restaurant

Facing one of the most beautiful bays of the Cote d’Azur and along the quayside of the fishing harbour of Villefranche (located 15 minutes drive from either Monaco or Nice). Originally it was the dream of a fisherman of this tiny harbour. He used to work there, distributing his fish on the quay in front of the restaurant and the tourists. Now his daughter Krystel after having spent 10 years in the active life in the restaurant business took her father’s idea to create a restaurant along the sea in front of the fishing boat and it became the restaurant “La Fille du Pecheur”. It proposes only seasonal fresh products with wild fish. W.C. access for disabled people. No “surf & turf”. Outside terrace on pavement facing the sea: 24 seats,
Exclusivity: 60 pax. No closing day. Air-Conditioned.

Mère Germaine Restaurant

Mère Germaine is facing one of the most beautiful bays of the Cote d’Azur and directly located along the quay side of the fishing harbor of Villefranche by the sea, the charming restaurant (2 forks in Michelin guide) has had an excellent reputation for years. The owner Remy Blouin (from Tahiti) & his French chef offer a wide selection of fish dishes. Through the many picturesque tiny streets just behind the restaurant, people can stroll around the old quarters and shop into the small boutiques.
Exclusivity: 110 pax min.